Our Mission Statement: 
The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation educates and empowers girls and young women to discover and develop their GRIT.  Through workshops and live events, girls gain tools to redefine the way they view failure, confront challenges with confidence, and deepen their self-awareness.
Our Why:
Every day girls experience obstacles and setbacks, both small and large. Many girls shy away from challenges or situations where they may experience failure out of a desire to feel and appear perfect. This fear of failure causes girls to miss crucial opportunities to learn and grow their GRIT and ultimately prevents them from making empowered decisions and living full lives.

“50% of girls worldwide report that fear of failure actually keeps them from trying new things.”

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“Girls’ confidence drops by 30% between the ages of 8 and 14.”


Our Solution:

The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation teaches girls and young women how to cultivate and grow their GRIT. Teaching young women how to build GRIT directly influences their development of self-confidence, determination, and courage.

We define GRIT as:

We use each letter in our definition of GRIT as a step by step process for girls to reflect on their past “gritty moments” and to navigate their current and future struggles. We call this our GRIT formula. When girls use this formula to approach these situations with confidence, they strengthen their GRIT.

All of our programs follow an action-based format that incorporates interactive learning, group discussions, self-reflection, and inspirational takeaways. We provide a safe environment for girls to explore their “gritty moments”: struggles, weaknesses, insecurities, and fears.

Girls have the opportunity to gain:

  • Valuable skills in leadership
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Self-awareness and self-discovery
  • Tools to build resilience
  • Courage to share their story and gritty moments
  • Personal reflection and team building

Testimonials from girls

“Sarah came and spoke at our college about GRIT. It really changed my view because I used to think that having GRIT meant you had to be tough and invincible, and although that’s part of it, there’s also the part about self-compassion, growth, and embracing failure as part of life.” Jessica, 20 years old

“Participating in the program gave me a safe place to share my feelings about hard situations in my life. It was really empowering to talk openly about this and know that other girls were experiencing the same feelings.” Maddie, 12 years old

“Being in high school, having confidence can be really challenging. A lot of girls actually feel like it’s cool to be self-loathing and negative, so this program helped me embrace that I am in control of my own happiness, and I am building confidence in every situation I overcome is building the GRIT inside of me.” Taylor, 16 years old

“I would definitely recommend that every girl attend one of Sarah’s events! After hearing Sarah speak, I feel incredibly empowered and inspired. She did an incredible job teaching girls how to boost their positive self-talk and how to have the strength to push through hard times.” Sarah, 20 years old