The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation ignites and inspires 10-21-year-old females to discover and develop their grit. This past year, the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation has become the social purpose of GRACEDBYGRIT and 1% of all net sales is donated back to the program. Now that GRACEDBYGRIT has been acquired by HYLETE, 1% of revenues from the HYLETE women’s line will now go to the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation. We sat down with our GRACEDBYGRIT foundation leader, Sarah Andersen, to talk about the inspiration behind the program.

How did the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation begin?

“Every woman has experienced a difficult moment that she thinks might just break her. How we make it through those moments defines us. Our grittiest moments give us our GRACE.”

I saw an opportunity to take this concept and apply it to the life of a teenage girl. A girls’ “gritty moments” are obviously different than a woman’s, but just as important and even more impactful. The key difference is that most girls don’t have the tools or self-awareness to develop a “grit mindset” where they see challenges and failures as an opportunity to grow and learn about themselves. Instead many girls avoid failure, are paralyzed by perfection and base their self-worth solely on their accomplishments.

 GRACEDBYGRIT foundation was created to teach girls that failure can be an opportunity to build self-confidence, mistakes are vital for personal growth, and our imperfections are often our greatest strengths. Girls learn tools to develop resilience, broaden their perspective, and build true self-esteem.

How did you develop this niche, and what is your background in working with young girls?

I have been working with the young girl demographic as Life & Health Coach since 2012. In my private practice, The Real Girl Lifestyle, I have coached girls ages 10-25 in all areas ranging from body image, leadership, goal setting, mind-body connection, and stress management. The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation has given me a platform to reach more girls and speak on a topic that I am truly passionate about.

Why is the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation different from other programs?

I think the main difference is that the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation really focuses on redefining the way girls look at failure. This program gives girls an opportunity to explore their weaknesses, fears, and not so pretty “gritty” moments. In the end, GRIT is a part of every girl. Sometimes it takes a tough situation to show us what we are made of.

What is some advice you would give to a parent on how to raise a GRITTYGIRL?

Parents, give your girls space to fall…to learn…to get back up. Do your best not to rescue your daughter from every bump in the road. Praise her hard work and determination just as often, and even more, than just the final result. Share with your daughter how you have worked through your own “gritty moments”. Practice and teach your daughter self-compassion.

What is next for the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation?

Right now, I am focused on partnering with schools and companies who are interested in bringing the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation program to their organization. Incorporating the program into the curriculum at existing programs that foster similar values of encouragement and character development is an opportunity to significantly increase the confidence in young girls and create a new standard of being a gritty woman.