I have experienced many “gritty moments”; these are also known as challenges, setbacks, and failures in my life. Each has its own story, growing pains, and lessons. My most recent gritty moment entailed a difficult heartbreak that became the catalyst for my move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Listening to my gut and following the sunshine, I took the leap and moved to San Diego.  

After arriving in San Diego, I began to reflect on the journey of my gritty heartbreak. The journey was messy, hard, uncomfortable, and emotional. At the same time, I grew personally. I was brave. I opened my heart to change. I preserved. Most importantly, the reflection process helped me realize that I was truly gaining back my confidence because I had developed a newfound strength. I had found my GRIT.

This, in conjunction with working for GRACEDBYGRIT and meeting women that shared their stories and constantly requesting a program that taught their daughters how to deal with tough moments,  was my inspiration for creating the GRITTYGIRLS program, now known as the GRACEDBYGRIT Foundation. My goal is to provide girls the opportunity to deliberately reflect on past challenges, obstacles, and setbacks that they have gone through and teach them tools to process these “gritty moments” from a place of empowerment. I want girls to know that life gets easier and then gets hard again and as this cycle continues, they are growing, developing their inner grit and deepening their self-awareness.

My heart is healed with beautiful scars that remind me that without these gritty moments, I wouldn’t be the confident, gritty, strong, imperfect woman I am today.