January 2013: GRACEDBYGRIT, women’s athletic apparel brand, was founded. The GRACEDBYGRIT clothing line always represented something more than just clothing. It stood for the belief that everyone experiences gritty moments and it is these setbacks and challenges that force us to grow and show us what we are really made of. When a woman wore GRACEDBYGRIT, she felt inspired and empowered to face life’s challenge; our grit becomes our grace.

January 2016: GRACEDBYGRIT launched their own girl empowerment program with the goal to empower young girls to discover and develop their grit. This program became GRACEDBYGRIT’s social purpose and was called GRITTYGIRLS.

June 2018: GRACEDBYGRIT was looking for a substantial investment to bring the brand to the next level. HYLETE, a digitally native athletic apparel company also based in Solana Beach, CA, acquired GRACEDBYGRIT resulting in all GRACEDBYGRIT clothing to be created and branded under the HYLETE label.

August 2018: One of the most powerful drivers of the acquisition was the empowerment program that GRACEDBYGRIT created for young girls. Because the GRACEDBYGRIT name was no longer being used for the clothing, the decision to continue to spread the powerful message behind GRACEDBYGRIT and officially name the empowerment program ‘The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation’ made perfect sense. The best part, HYLETE is now our primary sponsor and will donate 1% of the women’s line to support the foundation upon approval of 501(c)(3) status.