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Entrepreneur Mika Leah is a mother, a young heart disease survivor and warrior for wellness. She is a National Ambassador for the American Heart Association and a member of their Board of Directors. Mika survived 5 heart stents and 4 invasive heart procedures before her 36th birthday.  She is alive today because she listened to her intuition and her body, and bravely advocated for herself.

 With a new lease on life and a calling to help others, Mika launched her corporate wellness company Goomi Group. It has grown to 300+ instructors across the country, offering on-site fitness & health programs for the workplace through movement and motivation.

Tell us about a GRITTY MOMENT in your life that has forced you to learn what you are truly made of…
At age 35, I survived 5 heart stents, 3 heart procedures, divorce and found myself a single mom of two kids under the age of two. It was at that time that I was let go from my job. As the sole supporter of my family, I was forced to learn what I was truly made of and I found that I was stronger than I thought.
GUTS: How did you “grow guts” and be brave enough to get through your “gritty moment”? Were you afraid? Where did you find your courage? How did facing that moment affect your confidence? Did you feel more confident afterward?
I was terrified and had no idea how I was going to support my family, pay the mortgage, keep the roof over our heads and put food in our mouths. Through tears, I called my mom and told her what happened and shared all of my fears. In doing so, I realized I was not alone and that I had support no matter what road I turned down. My mother encouraged me to be brave, and told me to “stop chasing the money.” She asked the hard question of “what do you want to do with your life, what makes you happy?” After two days of sitting with these questions, I realized that my happy moments could be found walking in and out of the weekly cycle class I taught. With my heart disease diagnosis, I knew that my life was short (the doctors told me that) and I wanted to spend the little time I have on this earth doing what makes me happy – which is helping other people get healthy and happy. That is when I decided to “grow guts” and chase my dreams. I launched Goomi Group, bringing on-site fitness and wellness sessions to companies, organizations, and school across the country. We know have clients in over 27 states and over 300+ instructors on our roster, helping more than 25,000 employees get healthy and happy without having to leave their office. Facing that moment gave me the courage to start my own business and I know have the confidence to know that anything is possible. Failure is only an option when YOU decide it is, so never give up.
RESILIENCE: What did you learn from pushing through your “gritty moment”? What helped you “not give up” and persevere?
I learned that I was stronger than I believed myself to be, and that anything is possible if failure is not an option. You are the only person that can determine if what you do is a failure or a success. I chose to look at any and all mistakes I made along the way as learning lessons. Viewing my mistakes as “what not to do next time” pushed me to persevere because I knew there was going to be a next time.
IMPERFECTION: How do you deal with failure and making mistakes? Did your “gritty moment” force you to learn and grow?
As I mentioned, I believe that there is no failing until you decide to give up. So it’s easy, just never give up. I choose to look at all mistakes as a growing opportunity, situations I can learn from and do better next time. When I was laid-off and feeling that I was in dark place, I started a Pinterest board with inspiring and motivational quotes. Now, whenever I have doubts or a lack of confidence, I go to my board and I read it. It’s also helpful to take a minute to look back and see how far you have come and how much you have grown – in the last month, year, and so on.
TEAM: What role did your support system play in helping you through this challenging time? What role has this “team” had in your life?
Without my amazing support system I wouldn’t be here today, but I’ve had to be strong enough to ask for the help. My parents helped me with everything along the way, during the challenging times and in the good times. From helping the kids with their homework, taking them to and from school, buying groceries for us when we couldn’t afford it, to just providing a home for comfort on rough days. Then along came my husband, and my support system grew tenfold just with the addition of one person. My closest friends have also played a huge role in supporting me by just being good listeners and reminding me how far I’ve come. I also have an amazing team of mentors that are available for advice as I grow my company and grow personally and professionally through more gritty moments. I’m so grateful for the team I have in my life, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.
And just for fun… What advice would you give to your younger “GRITTY GIRL” self?
Believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to and make sure to ask for help along the way – no one got to where they are by going it alone.

Thank you Mika for sharing your GRIT! 

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