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Nikki Lang is a retired English teacher and girls lacrosse coach who now specializes in therapeutic yoga and personalized self-care. With over 1000 hours of training, Nikki is passionate about making self-care personal, not commercial. Specializing in mentorship for young women, Nikki makes well-being accessible and deeply insightful for each individual.

 Tell us about a GRITTY MOMENT in your life that has forced you to learn what you are truly made of…

  A gritty moment that took me by surprise was when I realized I no longer aligned with a group of girls who had vastly different values than I did. It was really heartbreaking to witness my authentic self being buried for fear of rejection or exposure—so I finally started making changes on who I spend time with! My life has been brighter and more joyous getting to know myself and connecting with those around me that fuel my values and mental health. At the time, it felt like my world was ending—when in reality that is when my definition of authentic friendship became solidified for the first time.

GUTS: How did you “grow guts” and be brave enough to get through your “gritty moment”? Were you afraid? Where did you find your courage? How did facing that moment affect your confidence? Did you feel more confident afterward?
My teacher Josie tells me that “revelations take time—they happen in time and over a period of time.” At first, it felt like my guts were being tossed in my face, but then over time I was able to get a revelation and gain more confidence that the choice WAS the right one for myself. My gutsy practice right now is allowing time to reveal all truth!
 RESILIENCE: What did you learn from pushing through your “gritty moment”? What helped you “not give up” and persevere?
My husband and Mom were really supportive of me forming new friendships, joining new communities, and getting to MYself better. They reminded me on the hard days that it is always darkest before the dawn.
 IMPERFECTION: How do you deal with failure and making mistakes? Did your “gritty moment” force you to learn and grow?
Looking at my own shortcomings and failures in those friendships were SO HARD AT FIRST. I was embarrassed and filled with shame that I hid my best self and acted out of integrity multiple times. So what did I do? I cleared space in my heart and mind by writing an apology letter and not expecting to hear back. On an unlikely day, I heard back and felt so resolved and grateful I owned my imperfections.
TEAM: What role did your support system play in helping you through this challenging time? What role has this “team” had in your life?
During this process I often felt alone, but I surrounded myself with positive role models and teachers that kept my mind occupied on the silver lining. On my options. Because options make us powerful. They taught me that even in our desperate moments we have options to become powerful—and that makes you incredibly kind.
How has playing sports and/or participating in athletics positively affected your life?
Playing solo sports and team spots positively impacted my definition of integrity, community, and LOVE. But coaching sports taught me the value of owning my own values and living them.
And just for fun… What advice would you give to your younger “GRITTY GIRL” self?
  OWN THE ROOM you walk in—it doesn’t matter how many people look at you a certain way. You are gifted. You are talented. You are here for a reason—own your purpose. Even if that’s to smile at one more person today. Own it.

“Thank you Nikki for sharing your GRIT!” 

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