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The GRACEDBYGRIT Gritty Girls Program


GRACEDBYGRIT is committed to empowering girls and giving them the tools they need to cultivate their grit. That’s why we created the Gritty Girls Program. These private sessions (no parents allowed!) help girls find their grit and build their self-confidence. We teach girls the skills needed to navigate life’s “gritty moments” and to embrace change and obstacles.


Girls today have so many activities and pressures: school, sports, friend groups, social media, etc. It can be overwhelming; confidence in girls decreases during puberty. Often, girls don’t know how to stand up for themselves in challenging situations. The GRACEDBYGRIT Gritty Girls Program teaches girls how to develop their inner strength--their grit--so they can overcome life’s obstacles. We want every girl to understand it’s okay not to be perfect. You don’t grow unless you make mistakes.


GRIT is strength, perseverance, fortitude, courage, resilience, and determination. GRIT is what we need surmount life’s challenges. GRIT is what young girls need to become confident, strong, resilient, empowered and assertive young women. Gritty girls are well-equipped to face tough situations and work hard to achieve their goals. Gritty girls become empowered women, leaders, contributors and friends.


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