About The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation

The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation ignites and inspires girls to discover and develop their GRIT. Our programs teach girls that failure can be an opportunity to build self-confidence; mistakes are vital for personal growth and our imperfections are often our greatest strengths.

Founded in 2018, the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation is headquartered in Solana Beach, CA. 

Meet Sarah Andersen, Creator & Leader of The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation

Sarah Andersen is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach for teen girls and young women. She is certified through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Teen Wisdom Inc., and the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Sarah has been working with girls and young women for over 10 years through her private coaching practice, The Real Girl Lifestyle. She specializes in working with girls one-on-one, facilitating workshops, and speaking  about girl empowerment and GRIT.

As Executive Director of The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation, Sarah is on a mission to teach girls that gritty moments make you stronger and true confidence starts within. Based in San Diego, Sarah loves traveling around the world teaching, learning, and connecting with girls of all ages that inspire her to spread her message.