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What inspired GRACEDBYGRIT?

Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan met training for a triathlon in honor of Chelsea King, a San Diego teen whose life was taken from her while out on a trail run. She was running alone with no phone, no whistle, nothing to draw attention to herself. We are female athletes and businesswomen. We each have daughters. We wanted clothes designed for women like us, 30-60 years old, that prioritized SAFETY, elegance and performance.

What makes GRACEDBYGRIT different?

We are made by women, for women. Women design, sew and proudly wear GRACEDBYGRIT. We understand women’s bodies and know what we need to look and perform our best. We manufacture in the USA and do not sell any product until it is perfected. We use our team, friends and influencers as fit models to ensure that our designs fit all body types. Our sizes run from XXS to XXL.

Most importantly, we want our customers to feel strong and safe in our clothes. We give a whistle with every purchase and our pants have phone pockets.

Who is Chelsea King and why is she important to your story?

Chelsea King was a San Diego teen whose life was brutally taken from her while out for a mountain trail run. Inspired by Chelsea's mom describing the fate of her daughter, we created a detachable safety whistle to be given with every piece of GRACEDBYGRIT apparel, so all women feel an added sense of security while exercising. The GRACEDBYGRIT safety whistle has a flat, discreet design that can be securely looped inside the back pocket of any of our pants, in the pocket on our jacket sleeves, or around the back of the neck in our tanks with a reflective elastic lanyard.

At the end of 2016, we designed the Chelsea Legging in honor of Chelsea. The print is inspired by the sunflower, Chelsea’s favorite flower and the symbol of Chelsea’s Light Foundation. The organization was started by Chelsea’s parents to protect children against known violent predators. We donated a percentage of each legging sold to Chelsea’s Light Foundation.

In June of 2017, we launched the Chelsea Capri. Our customers made the legging extremely popular and asked us to grow the Chelsea Collection. We donate $10 from every Chelsea Capri purchase to Chelsea’s Light Foundation to protect children around the country from known violent predators.

May I invest in GRACEDBYGRIT?

Yes! We are currently a privately held company, in the Series B stage of fundraising to take our business to the next level. However, you can become an owner of GRACEDBYGRIT through our StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign. Anybody can invest to help changes the lives of women everywhere. Learn more here:

Are all products made in the USA?

All of our technical clothing is made in the USA. But, we didn’t start out that way…

Our first batch of apparel was made in China and India in 2013. We had to produce large quantities and wait six to eight months for the product cycle. And, it was tough to communicate. But, more than that, something didn’t feel right in our gut. We trusted our instincts and moved all production to the USA. We still have a few of the original styles in stock: the R&R Top, the R&R Hoodie and a few of our land and sea products. The quality is excellent. 

We have since moved ALL of our original production to the US. Anything we design ourselves is made in the USA, just minutes from our Southern California offices. We can turn around a product in six weeks if we need to.

We continue to grow and partner with great companies for exclusive items. Our partnership products are made where our partner decides to make them. We partnered with local company Betty Designs for our Cycling Kit; they manufacture their kits in Columbia. We partnered with a super soft San Clemente sweatshirt company for our new hoodie; they manufacture throughout the world. Our partner for baseball hats is in Los Angeles; they manufacture globally.

Why don’t you produce any men’s apparel?

Our clothing is designed for women. We were looking for a solution to problems we had, and many of our friends had, including how to make our butts look good in athletic pants, how to prevent sun damage and how to feel safe while exercising alone. We understand women’s bodies and design based on what we know. However, since so many men have also been GRACEDBYGRIT, we decided to make a few “random” shirts for the men who love our brand. See more here:

What is the best way to care for GRACEDBYGRIT clothing?

Throw it in the wash with your other clothes (we recommend warm water to keep your colors bright) then simply lay flat to dry; all of the fabrics dry quickly too so they are perfect for travel if you get in a pinch and handwash at night... they will be ready the next morning! You can throw our clothing in the dryer but be weary of the other clothes you put in the same load. Zippers, velcro, and the gum in your son’s jeans pocket can all be trouble…

Also, washing the white mesh with dirty white socks (dirtied from teenagers walking in their socks on asphalt) can turn the mesh gray.

Warning: Zippers, velcro, safety pins, and other abrasive items all grab our luxurious fabric. Please be careful. Never apply direct heat to your GRACEDBYGRIT (that means no blow-drying or using a flat iron to remove water/sweat from your clothes.)

Can I wash my whistle?

Yes. Your whistle can go through the wash! You can keep a whistle attached to your legging pocket at all times so you’re never left without one. Our safety whistle can even be taken into the water so you can have an added sense of protection while you surf, SUP or go for a swim. Keep it tucked in your pocket.

I heard your clothes integrate UPF 50+ sun protection. What does UPF mean?

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a rating used for sun protective fabrics. It measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. Just like you use sunscreen with built-in SPF (Sun Protection Factor) on your body, you want your clothes to keep you protected too. UPF 50+ means our premium apparel only allows 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the surface of our apparel to pass through, to your skin. 

How compressive are your leggings?

When we began our company, Huffpost called our leggings the “Spanx of leggings.” They are meant to fit snug; to allow for optimal performance. There’s no time to pull your pants up, or adjust your leggings, while you’re getting gritty. If you buy true to size, your leggings will get you through any sweaty workout on land or sea and push you to work harder. Our compression is also great for recovery and helps reduce muscle swelling and fatigue. Our second skin helps bring blood back to your heart. The more you sweat the better they perform.

What are your most compressive pants? What are your least compressive pants?

Our most compressive leggings include the Mermaid Legging, Reel ‘Em In Legging and Reel ‘Em In Capri. Our least compressive leggings include the Chelsea Legging and Chelsea Capri. For an in between level of compression, try our Better Than Everything Legging and Everything Legging. For a looser/baggier pant, try our Performance Jogger and Urban Jogger.

How do I know that my right size is?

Our sizes run from XXS-XXL. Our XXS size is great for pre-teens. Generally, our size XXS is equivalent to size 00, our size XS is equivalent to size 0-2, our size S is equivalent to a size 4-6, our size M is equivalent to size 8-10, our size L is equivalent to size 12-14, our size XL is equivalent to size 16-18 and our size XXL is equivalent to size 20.

Please visit our size guide for more detail here.

Why is my size always sold out?

As a small company, we produce small runs. When we know our customers love a product, we immediately make more. We restock popular items within weeks. If you want something we don’t have, tell us! Please! Call or email

Don’t forget to also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new product arrival and when your favorites are back in stock. It’s also a great idea to follow us on social media (especially Instagram) to stay in the loop.

When do new styles come out?

Our clothes are so versatile; they can be worn year round. But, we LOVE new things.

We like to keep our most versatile items in stock year long (such as our Delicious Tank) as we move through cycles of new product coming in. We have new styles every season. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be in the know about these new styles.

 We make what our customers want and need. If you have a favorite top you wish was just a little bit different (or dare we say, better), let us know! Email at any time with pictures of your favorite pieces. Or, if you’re local, visit us at our Solana Beach store to meet with us in person.

Do you use recycled materials?

Yes, indeed! In 2016, we launched our first sustainable products: theReel 'Em In Capri, made from recycled fishing nets, and theChelsea Legging, made from recycled water bottles. We are now expanding our Chelsea Collection, in honor of Chelsea King. Next, we designed the Chelsea Headband, made from the same fabric as the Chelsea Legging. In summer of 2017, we grew the collection to include the Chelsea Capri. This summer we also launched new colors in the Reel ‘Em In Capri and designed a full length legging version, the Reel ‘Em In Legging.

As the year continues, we are working to source even even more sustainable fabrics. We know you care about how your clothing is made, and so do we.  

How do you develop your styles?

Items in our wardrobe that we’ve loved for years, but weren’t designed as athletic apparel, are our biggest inspiration. We adjust the fit of our favorite items that fit extremely well and have lasted for many years but use technical, high-performance fabric to make them GRACEDBYGRIT. We make clothing that applies for all athletic endeavors. Other inspiration comes from our influencers and customers. If you have something in your closet that you think would be great as a performance piece, contact us at!

How do you choose your colors?

We love the elegance of jewel tones. We look for colors that look good on every skin tone and every woman.

Do you have a brand ambassador program? How do I become one?

We call our brand ambassadors influencers. For more information on our GRACEDBYGRIT Influencer Program, please visit this page.

If you love GRACEDBYGRIT already and are passionate about health, fitness and empowering women, apply to be a GRACEDBYGRIT Influencer today! Simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

How can I carry GRACEDBYGRIT in my gym, studio, club or hotel?

Retailers, please contact today for a copy of our 2017 lookbook and digital catalog. We’d love to discuss a retail partnership with you!

How can I host an event?

Contact to plan a GRACEDBYGRIT event today! We love supporting women and the causes they are passionate about. We love to host book signings, Gritty Girl events, speakerships, fundraisers and more. We also host Fit Shops (our version of trunk shows) around the world. See more here.

What charities do you support?

We support the charities our employees, influencers and customers are passionate about. Our largest charity partner is Chelsea’s Light Foundation. If you are interested in having your charity featured on our blog, hosting an event to support your charity or as a drop down at check for donations please contact to learn more. We love supporting causes that women are passionate about!

Can I raise money for my charity through GRACEDBYGRIT?

Absolutely! Contact to book a charity Fit Shop today. We can a Fit Shop together and/or provide you with an online charity code to share with your community. A percentage of sales made using this code will be donated to your charity of choice.

How can I join your team?

For internship or job inquiries, please email your resume to

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