The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation Scholarship Fund

Building the future

The GRACEDBYGRIT Scholarship Fund is a celebration of academics & athletics. We created this scholarship to honor female student-athletes who have demonstrated GRIT by overcoming obstacles and adversity in their personal lives.

The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation Scholarship is paid to its recipient in the amount of $5000.00


  • Female athlete pursuing sports at the collegiate level
  • High school senior
  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • US Citizen
  • Must submit a completed application by May 15, 2020

“A 2015 report from The Women’s Sports Foundation titled ‘Her Life Depends On It’ shows that, among other benefits, participation in sports can lead to “higher grades and higher educational aspirations.”

“Sports participation is directly related to teens having a more positive attitude toward school work, improved academic performance and higher grades.”

Teen Sports in America

“Something happens when girls play sports — they embody the experience of not just of winning, but the critical experience of losing. It’s that process of carrying on and clearing hurdles that really builds confidence. It’s an incredibly useful proving ground for business and leadership.”

Confidence Code

“Sports have taught me that success and failure are both acceptable.”

Dr. Karen Sutton